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Growth-Driven Designer

What is MKTg Robot?

All-in-one UX designer with over 10 years experience in product marketing and content strategy.

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Bonjour, friend 👋

Please note that facial expressions are Zoom-friendly and far more affiable when I'm not awkardly posing for still photos. But welcome nonetheless: My name is Michael K. Tran, and I'm both Principal of Digital Strategy and overall clean-up specialist —otherwise the M.K.T. in MKTg Robot.

My public fondness of French culture extends well beyond just greetings, leaning heavily towards an emphasis towards elevated style and design. The approach, intanglible in its value in establishing a connection with audiences, is often lost within the perpetual emergence of digital tools. But it is core to the memorable user experience I strive for in asset delivery.

My entire professional career is exclusive within the discipline of business marketing. I've learned a tremendous amount of launching marketing programs in both early-stage ventures and Fortune 500 industry giants.

It's through that lens that such an experience set will help ensure that each project is delivered with contextual insight that aligns with your efforts, a results-focused, measureable plan, and the most cost-effective technology stack possible for any endeavors we may embark on together.

xoxo, Michael

I'm experienced in the following technologies

Approach to Digital Creations

Growth-Driven Design

Digital assets are mapped strategically to account for UX best practices, cognitive biases, and user goals.

Flexible Deployment

Projects are built on industry-standard content platforms, using SaaS/cloud creation tools, for conveninent transfer.

Efficient Execution

From ideation to execution, digital tasks are built from front-to-end and are never outsourced.

Customer reviews

What clients think

Michael was very adaptive in learning our Oil & Gas automation capabilities, applying his knowledge into a production site that was demostrative in raising our exposure on Google within weeks of launch.
MKTg Robot brought a distinct skill set of brand creativity and front-end design to Rocket Real Estate's portfolio website — effectively showcasing our development process to local market investors.


SEO Report by MKTg Robot

Search Engine Marketing Report

I’ll create a personalized digital health check of your website, (powered by a leading SEO reporting engine) along with a stylistic tactical recommendation summary.